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If I Could Only Have The Universe



“If I Could Only Have The Universe” is an upcoming exhibition in Temenggong Artists-In-Residence (Temenggong) that showcases contemporary artworks of young emerging Mexican artists. In collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico and Centro Cultural Border (CC Border) – another non-profit institution, the unveiling of this exhibition ties together an unprecedented cross-cultural exchange between young artists of Singapore and Mexico.

“If I Could Only Have The Universe” is the first of two exhibition parts in a cross-cultural exchange between Temenggong and CC Border, under the support of the Programme of Cultural Promotion of the Embassy of Mexico and organized to promote young artists from both Singapore and Mexico.

“If I Could Only Have The Universe” presents artworks produced by Mexican young artists and will be the start of a unique residency programme between two selected Mexican young artists hosted by Temenggong in Singapore and two selected Singaporean young artists hosted by CC Border in Mexico City.

Another exhibition showcasing artworks produced by all four artists during – or influenced by – this cross-cultural exchange will take place at the premises of Temenggong at a future date. Temenggong aims to provide these Mexican young artists with a conducive environment amidst its lush landscape during their stay. It is our goal to host these artists, themselves representatives of Mexico and its culture, enabling them to share their rich history and individual art methodologies for the mutual artistic growth in both our countries.

Temenggong is proud to present both “If I Could Only Have The Universe” and this cross-cultural exchange in partnership with the Embassy of Mexico, for this association fully meets the objectives of this institution in forging artistic bonds between international artists and their counterparts in Singapore through non-for profit collaborative partnerships.

—Mr. Koh Seow Chuan
Chairman, Visual Arts Cluster Advisory Board
Honorary Board Director, Temenggong Artists–In–Residence

Guests from the various embassies in Singapore


One of the biggest assets of Mexico is its vibrant culture. The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs, convinced of the importance of supporting the international exposure of Mexican young artists, forged a partnership with Centro Cultural Border, an innovative non-profit cultural institution based in Mexico City, to present “If I Could Only Have the Universe”, a representative exhibition of the emerging artistic scene in Mexico, presenting the artworks of 14 artists of less than 30 years of age.

The exhibition has been presented in Mexico City and Tijuana and, now, with the support of the Mexican Government, If I Could Only Have the Universe started its first international tour having Asia as its main destination, launching the tour in Japan before finally arriving in Singapore. This selection was not arbitrary. Asia is, too, a region with a wealth of young talent amidst the context of a rich and profound cultural legacy, like Mexico. The exposure of these artists with its counterparts in so-distant lands would provide a fertile ground for creating new bonds, associations and ideas. Dialogue in art expressions is a must since it generates new avenues for creativity.

Therefore, for the show in Singapore, the association with Temenggong Artists-in-Residence could not be more auspicious. It is in Temenggong’s mission to forge cross-cultural exchanges through non-profit collaborative partnerships, which, as well, reflects the partnership of Mexico and Singapore.

The Embassy of Mexico in Singapore wishes Temenggong and Border all the best in this productive and fruitful cultural-exchange journey, which will undoubtedly bring closer together the artists communities and public of Mexico and Singapore.

— Rogelio Granguillhome
Ambassador of Mexico in Singapore

From right: GOH Mr Koh Seow Chuan, Director, Temenggong Artists-In-Residence and GOH H.E. Mr Rogelio Granguillhome, Ambassador of Mexico in Singapore, Emcee Ms Beatrice Nava, Cultural attache, Mexico Embassy
Front: H.E Duan Jielong and Madam, Embassy of the The People's Republic of China in Singapore, amongst the supportive crowds at the opening
Right: Member-of-Parliament Mr Baey Yam Keng and Madam Baey who dropped by to see the show, with Mexican artist Marissa Viani giving a tour of the exhibition.
Dep Head of EU with Henri

In February 2013 “If I Could Only Have the Universe” – featuring 14 artists below 30 years of age, opens at the Mexican Space of the Embassy of Mexico in Japan, and now presented in Singapore –
Temenggong Artists-in-Residence, in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore.


Jesús Benítez “Dhear”
Fernando Pizarro
Andrea Sicsik
Eduardo Bastida
Rita Ponce De León
Juan Pablo Villegas
Patricio José
Marissa Viani
Karina L. Vega
Dulce Jiménez
Favio Martínez
Alejandra Baltazares
Uriel López
Marti Guerrero